Jan 242011
the journey of a 1000 steps

its gotta start somewhere

Its almost time to start thinking of GECO as a process that’s underway rather than a prospective project that will happen in the future. Until the full list of 15/10 funded projects are in the public domain Ill keep things fairly general but hopefully shortly Ill be able to start integrating and commenting on the funded proposals. After all, these are at the core of GECO and will form the most visible corpus of work to showcase how relevant geospatial technologies are. Indeed something that was in today’s news and is geospatial in nature would seem to further underpin the view that geospatial technologies are moving into a new era of ubiquity, pervasiveness and (one hopes!) utility..

Ive also started the beginnings of a mind-map as I alluded to in an earlier post.

 January 24, 2011  Posted by at 2:22 pm Misc.

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