Apr 012011

Gregory Marler, PEG.Hi, I’m Gregory Marler and the Programme Evidence Gatherer, or PEG. I’ll be seeing what the projects are doing, what’s cool about them, and letting people know what I see. So you probably want a little introduction about who else I am.

I worked for the New Statesman and then studied Computer Science (International Studies) at The University of Durham. I’m primarily a web developer, the International Studies part means I pushed the geographic boundaries of my course and studied further technical stuff in Canada for a year. My geospatial interest was born during the cross between work and studies. I wrote a few articles on geocaching and web maps, and then got really involved contributing to OpenStreetMap by surveying every nook of Durham City on foot in my project named Living with Dragons.

I like getting outside to explore and helping collecting the data in OpenStreetMap to make it freely available for anyone, even myself, to use in innovative and creative ways. One example of this is the 250 elephant sculptures in London last summer. I found the location of many of them, and then created elephant webpages to display a map of their locations complimented with flickr photos and artist information.

I don’t have a peg leg, but I am Greg the PEG. I look forward to reading more about the various projects and meeting some of those that are involved.

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