Aug 222011

GeoSciTeach Have placed QR codes for plants around Kew Gardens. They provide the context of plants and connections between plants. The phone app was trialed. Students felt ‘freed’ to explore the learning themselves. Teachers seem very keen in exploring innovations and apps.

Nature Locator (horse chestnet leaf disease) There were some troulbes/delays with the Apple App Store relatiing to being a university not an individual The Apple App Store take 2-3 weeks for approval, whereas Android market can be released right away (this was known, and so the Android version was uploaded when the iPhone app had been approved) Screenshots are available Good success with over 3000 submissions of images/reports. Very few (less than 20?) inappropriate reports. Great geographic distribution (across the UK).

IGIBS Datasets considered. Thoughts about which WMS software to use, and patches made to be INSPIRE compliant. They have lots of users, that will be both providers and condumers of data, to use as case studies for the work. There’s lots of data to preserve. They’re making it easier to find data.

STEEV Decided that visualising at house-level is too deatiled to offer any meaningful representation Decided to additionally create a REST API, so the view state can be returned to. Will be discussing the implementation of the framework 19th Sep. Mock-ups (pretend screenshots) are available

ELO Geo Have been learning a lot about management tools available to use, especially some created/provided by JISC that they didn’t find straight away. E.g. Jorum and JISCMail. Repositry has been launched, and following OSGIS conference some lessons/information has been added to it.

Pelagios Lots of discussions in their big team of thedata mappings and ontologies, making sure they get it right. Claros joined Pelagious and added data. The Pelagious Graph Explorer now has a live demo. Very good for exploring the data and an intuative interface.

xEvents Have gone through lots of code and database design thoughts. Blog is very much a view of their technical work at the moment and why they are writing patches and modules for the libraries/frameworks they use (though the, very technical, ‘how’ is written up in another blog that gets linked to). No demo or screenshots yet.

GeoCrimeData They’ll be presenting their work so far at a number of conferences in September. Source code has been released for the tool that calculates the Mean Path Depth of each road in an area (using OpenStreetMap road data). This can be used to show an estimated traffic value for each road. It’s not directly crime data, but can be useful to see along side and the dataset/tool may be useful in a similar way to other projects and evaluations.

G3: Bridging the Gap Presented at State of the Map EU (OpenStreetMap) and met the OSM GeoWeb community. The OpenStreetMap community were very impressed with their work, especially the Potlatch(an OSM editor) evaluations through user studies they had done. Some recomendations for improvements have now been implemented and others are more likely to now that the research supports the improvements happening.

U-Geo Datasets and their unit size have been reviewed. Mapping of UKDA to INSPIRE, and GEMINI to DDI 2.1 has been completed.

GEMMA They’re in the process of creating iPhone and Android apps. Combinging existing CASA products: Survey Mapper, OSM Feature Highlighter, MapTube Presented at State of the Map EU (OpenStreetMap). SurveyMapper could provide lots of helpful information very easily (a survey, but combined with locations) such as what is the geographic distribution of people wanting to buy Olympic tickets. Unfortunatly noe of the surveys are getting near enough responses for observations to be made.

JISC GECO We held our first event on Open Source Geo and Health this month and are now planning follow up activities with those who attended. We are also putting together future events around geo so do let us know if you would like to be involved. A new mailing list has also been set up this month for discussion around geo, sign up here.

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