Nov 252011

We are delighted to share with you a veritable cornucopia of resources on the EU INSPIRE directive!

Over the last few months we have been working on information and guidance on INSPIRE for the academic community. As many final decisions and official positions on INSPIRE are still bring made we expect to update not only these materials but further tools that we will be sharing in the near future.

The documents below (all available to view on SlideShare and to download from this blog or SlideShare) represent our best understanding at present but should give a good sense of what the INSPIRE directive means for your organisation and where to start with your own data.

The INSPIRE Directive – A Quick Overview [Download the PDF]]

INSPIRE Compliance Flowchart for Academia [Download the PDF]

A Decision Tree for INSPIRE Compliance [Download the PDF]

Shibboleth and INSPIRE [Download the PDF]

Presentation on INSPIRE and Higher Education (1 of 2) [Download the PDF]

Presentation on INSPIRE and Higher Education (2 of 2) [Download the PDF]

INSPIRE Flyer [Download the PDF]

The EU INSPIRE Directive: An Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community [Download the PDF]

If you do find these resources useful please feel free to share with colleagues, reuse, etc.

Please do let us know what you think of these resources and how we could improve them in the future and if there is a particular format or type of guidance that would be particularly useful to you or your organisation.

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