JISC GECO / STEEV Green Energy Tech Event (#e3vis)


The JISC GECO / STEEV Green Energy Tech Workshop took place on Thursday 13th October 2011 at the new Edinburgh Centre on Climate Change. This page collects together all of the presentations and useful links from the day (see also our LiveBlog) – we will be adding the remaining presentations later today and then audio recordings, images and more links in due course so do let us know if you have blogged the event or would like to share useful links and resources here (contact us by commenting below or emailing edina@ed.ac.uk).


Introduction & GECO project – James Reid, EDINA (https://geco.blogs.edina.ac.uk/ ) – Audio to follow.

Spatio-Temporal Energy Efficiency Visualisation (STEEV) tool – Stuart Macdonald, EDINA (http://steevsrv.edina.ac.uk/ )

EEP Modelling / RETROFIT2050 brief project overview – Diana Waldron, Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University

Edinburgh Centre for Climate Change – Jim Hart, ECCC (http://www.climatechangecentre.org.uk/)

Energy Use and Generation: Modelling and Mapping for Social Housing Landlords – Antony Scott, Sustain.co.uk (http://www.sustain.co.uk)

Highland Heat Mapping – Kenny Monteath, AECOM (http://www.aecom.com/ )

Heat and the City – David Hawkey, University of Edinburgh (http://www.heatandthecity.org.uk/)

Overview of ShareGeo & Go-Geo! (Addy Pope, EDINA –http://edina.ac.uk/projects/sharegeo/ )

Q&A Audio to Follow

Urban scale retrofitting in the conservation of Georgian buildings in Edinburgh – Cristina Gonzalez-Longo and Dimitris Theodossopoulos, Architecture, University of Edinburgh

The Impact of Listed Building Legislation on Energy Efficiency  – Jennifer Gregory, University of Edinburgh, (MSc thesis)

ICT and GHG emissions: Just how green are virtual worlds – Kevin Houston, Carbonmasters (http://www.carbonmasters.co.uk)

Infrared Imaging and it’s place within the built environment – Stewart Little, IRT Surveys (http://www.irtsurveys.co.uk/)

Emissions assessment tool for spatial planning – Simon Bonsall, Scottish Government Directorate for the Built Environment

Discussion & summing up (chaired by James Reid, EDINA) – Audio to follow.

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  1. […] The event was comprehensively live blogged by the EDINA Social Media Officer, Nicola Osborne (so many thanks Nicola!) and the slides available from the GECO blog at: https://geco.blogs.edina.ac.uk/jisc-geco-steev-green-energy-tech-event-e3vis/ […]

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