Open Source Geo and Health (#gecohealth)


This event took place on Tuesday 9th August 2011 and was held in room B2 at the Edinburgh Napier University Merchiston Campus. Full details of attendees can be found on the booking page. The full programme can be downloaded here, the full liveblog can be accessed here and images of the day are on Flickr.

As a result of this workshop we have created a new mailing list for discussion of health and geo matters (JISC-GECO-HEALTH) which anyone can sign up for.

Presentations & Workshops

Welcome: James Reid, JISC GECO Project

Speaker 1:  “Participatory Health Surveys” – Sergiusz Pawlowicz et al, Centre for Geospatial Science, University of Nottingham

10.35 Speaker 2: “Primary care perspectives on open source GIS in the UK”- Edgar Samarasundera et al, Imperial College, UK

Speaker 3: “Green Space and Mental Well-being: Does Green Space Make a Difference?’ by Catharine Ward Thompson, OPENspace Research Centre, Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt Universities.

Workshop A – Why are GIS/spatial tools under utilised in the NHS? led by Kate Jones, JISC G3 Project

Workshop B – Body storming the subject with GPS by Chris Speed, Edinburgh College of Art – Bring an iPhone if you can!

Workshop C – Mini presentations from:

  • Visualisation of Scottish Government Data – Martin Graham, Edinburgh Napier University

There were no slides for this session but you can access the Java Webstart app demonstrated by clicking on “SIMD Geovisualisation” from the Napier IV Demos Page: Martin has also provided a screenshot to give a sense of the geovisualisation. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image:

Image of the SIMD Geovisualisation Tool

Image of the SIMD Geovisualisation Tool

  • Public Health and the Environment – Dr Serephin Alvanides, Northumbria University

For more information on Seraphim’s work see the article mentioned in his talk:

Burgoine, Alvanides and  Lake (2011). Assessing the obesogenic environment of North East England. In Health & Place, 17 (3). Pp. 738-747.

  • STEM – Angus McGann, IBM Research

There were no slides for this session but see this guest post on  IBM’s Spatio-Temporal Epidemiological Modeler (STEM) and the website for the STEM project:

See Also:

If you would like to be part of the follow up to this event and/or would like to write a guest post to share your own work on health and geo then please email the GECO team (



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