A paragraph on each 15/10 geo project will be added to this page over the coming weeks.

xEvents will create, maintain, and support two related services: xEvents
and PhilEvents. xEvents will be a hosted online service a la Blogger
to build and maintain subject-centric and geo-aware calendars that
assist academics in keeping tract of talks, conferences and other
events of interest to them in their region or elsewhere. PhilEvents
will be one such service covering events in philosophy. The
overarching aim of this project is to facilitate and improve research
through a better coordination and dissemination of information about
academic events. This will be made possible by enriching conventional
event descriptions with geospatial information and making the
resulting data available both directly to end users through convenient
interfaces and in interoperable formats to enable third-party

GeoSciTeach aims to increase the use of geospatial tools in teacher training
education by designing developing, and evaluating an innovative application,
using the advanced sensing functionality of mobile smartphones. It aims to
provide a customisable template for teachers to develop and orchestrate
geospatial based science learning activities, that can be used within the
teacher-training curriculum, and be made available as a teaching tool with
associated educational resources.

PELAGIOS (Pelagios: Enable Linked Ancient Geodata In Open Systems) is an international
consortium of leading research groups that are trialling a method of linking open data
to enable the discovery and reuse of information related to ancient places. The core
team is made up of the following projects:

• Google Ancient Places (The Open University, University of Southampton)
• LUCERO (The Open University)
• Pleiades (Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, NYU)
• Perseus Digital Library (Tufts University)
• Arachne (University of Cologne)
• SPQR (King's College, London)
• Digital Memory Engineering (Austrian Institute of Technology)


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